Not all attorneys act in your best interests

It can be difficult to know if you’ve chosen the correct attorney to handle your case. Not all attorneys hold up their end of the bargain, acting negligently on behalf of their clients. If your attorney has breached their fiduciary duty to you or acted in a manner that caused you undue harm, you’re in the frightening position of being a legal malpractice victim.

Don’t let legal negligence define you

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Effects of poor legal counsel

You may think another attorney is the last thing you need, but it is the first thing you should seek if your reputation, finances, or freedom have been compromised because of a lawyer’s wrongdoing. As a San Francisco attorney with a strong sense of duty to his clients, I am ready to hear from you if another legal representative has not taken appropriate action on your behalf. Contact Akay Law to set up a consultation with a lawyer who has your best interests in mind.
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We won’t let the system fail you twice

While another attorney may have failed you, I will take steps to ensure you are not paying for the mistakes of another legal representative. I will listen to your account of how this happened and help you figure out your next step. Contact Akay Law today to understand what you can do to recover from negligent representation.