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The next step for your company, the best solution - choosing and applying these are not always simple actions. Each action you take could have an impact on the way your company pays taxes and who is held liable. Businesses also are targets for being sued or having a need to file suit. 

At Akay Law, I provide advice and documentation services that address the various needs of businesses. From small business to large, the need for experienced effective legal counsel is paramount. I provide a wide range of services for my clients. Contact me at my San Francisco office to set up an evaluation of your case.

Business Formation and Dissolution

I assist business clients with determining which organizational structure is right for their needs. I also prepare all necessary documentation defining the rights and responsibilities of your investment and management team.

For entrepreneurs and established businesses who need to organize a new entity, I can advise you about your options for new business formation, registration and choices among partnership, corporate or limited liability forms. Businesses that are closing and partnerships that are breaking up require experienced legal representation to help ensure assets are transferred to the appropriate entities and that all other legal matters are properly managed.

Business Transactions

I help businesses in California and across the globe secure lasting relationships with partners, suppliers, vendors and employees. My firm reviews contracts, undertakes collection actions, manages potential breaches of contract, and handles all other pressing legal issues. If you’re involved in a legal dispute regarding a contract or other business transaction, contact an experienced business lawyer at Akay Law for comprehensive representation in all your business matters.

Get it right for your business

If you’re starting a business or just maintaining one, Akay Law has the background to see your interests are served without the cost of a large firm. Contact me today to see what options will protect your business.
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I provide clients with the insightful guidance and aggressive representation needed to collect money owed. My collection practice involves obtaining judgments and collecting on unpaid accounts. I use my thorough understanding of collection practices and laws to pursue the debts you are owed. One way to collect commercial debts is to seek a lien against an individual or a company. Construction liens or mechanic’s liens are routinely used for this purpose. If you need collection action on a debt, contact an experienced lawyer at Akay Law, in San Francisco, California.

Employment Law

Whether you are an employer interested in avoiding liability through the adoption of sound employment policies, or you are an employee with a claim for damages resulting from a problem at work, contact my law firm for dependable advice and skilled representation. I advise employers about their rights and obligations with respect to employee relations under California and federal law. I also represent employees in cases of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and other violations of workplace rights.

Intellectual Property

My law firm advises Bay Area businesses and entrepreneurs about protecting their interests in intellectual property of all kinds. Contact Akay Law about protecting rights in trademarks, copyrights, and proprietary information and processes in international licensing and sales agreements.

International Business

Whether your company is based in China, India or Oakland, I can advance and protect your interests through cost-efficient and effective regulatory review, contract negotiation, or resolution of your business disputes through negotiation or litigation. If your business encounters difficulties in realizing the benefit of its contractual rights in international trade, I can enforce your rights in a court located in a jurisdiction that is usually most convenient for you.

To learn more about our ability to effectively represent your business interests, whether in a single transaction or in ongoing operations, contact a business lawyer at Akay Law in San Francisco.
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Legal protection your company demands

If you’re in need of collecting on a debt, setting up a business, securing documents to help your company grow, or any other action requiring an attorney, put my comprehensive knowledge of complex business issues to work on your behalf. Set up an appointment with me today.