Accounting for all factors in real estate

Transactions, upturns and downturns - the real estate industry presents complex issues for developers and presenting owners. All the moving parts, such as laws, regulations and practices, can become overwhelming without someone representing your interests and helping you make the right decision.

As a real estate attorney, I have experience and provide dependable advice and representation in matters ranging from defense or enforcing of a claim to the negotiation and acquisition of commercial real estate for your business.

Commercial Real Estate

My commercial real estate clients include buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees, property managers, real estate brokers, and overseas corporations and partnerships who are interested in establishing a presence in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

I have experience to provide dependable advice regarding the negotiation and documentation of a commercial real estate transaction of any scale. Additionally, my background in real estate litigation can help you anticipate and avoid risk while managing your own potential liability.

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Real Estate Litigation

I represent plaintiffs and defendants in litigation concerning real estate disputes. My firm often researches counterclaims in favor of parties who initially find themselves defending against the claims of their opponents. 

Many real estate disputes can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution which is a less expensive, less time-consuming, and often a more effective alternative to litigation. At Akay Law, I handle residential and commercial real estate litigation matters.

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Protection for your real estate interests

At Akay Law, I can enforce your rights and protect your interests, either in court or arbitration. Contact me at our San Francisco office to learn the scope of my real estate practice.